What you get:


Make sure not to miss the FAQS at the bottom of the page to get all the info!

When will we travel:

Each trip will be scheduled in the first half of each month

With travel picking back up, CF Fitness and Travel is back at in 2023 with a new travel schedule and different travel style! Make 2023 your year to see the world!

  • January 
  • March
  • May
  • July
  • August
  • October
  • December
  • One week in a surprise European city  (example- Sunday to Sunday)
  • Airfare (carry-on bag, economy seat)
  • 2 excursions
  • 4 Group Dinners
  • 3 Free Days
  • Transportation to and from airport at destination
  • Travel with your Travel Agents (Us!)

$3000 Single Travelers/ $5000 couples Travelers

Mystery European Travel!

Don't find out where you are going until you get to the airport!


  • What is a group dinner? 

A group dinner is dinner where we all get together for a sit down dinner at one of the great restaurants in the area, order a lot of food, and all share!

  • When do you have to make your payment?

Full payments must be made 3 months prior to the travel months. The dates of the trip will be given 2 months before the trip date.

  • How will we find out about our trip location?

Prior to your trip, you will be given the time that you MUST LEAVE FOR THE AIRPORT. This will not be your flight time, but the time you must leave your home. At that time, we will provide you with your flight confirmation number. Surprise!

  • Where will we go?

Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam or anywhere else in Europe! 

  • How will I know what kind of clothes to bring?

We will give you information regarding the expected temperatures of our trip.

  • What are the excursions?   

Examples of excursions are Hop On/Off Bus Tours, Walking Food/Drink Tours, or a train ticket to another town for a day trip!

  • What else will we do while we are in Europe?

We will tour the streets of the city! Shopping, eating, drinking, laughing, and sightseeing will be what we do!