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Personalized Workout Plan and Measurement-$100 Monthly

With this program, we will travel to you at the beginning of every month, take body measurements, and provide you with a customized workout program with our mobile app specific to the equipment and environment you have available! This is the ultimate program for the person looking to train on their own and needs a little helps with measurement tracking and program design.


Personal Training Packages Include:

  • 24 Hour gym access.
  • CF Fitness and Travel Mobile Training Application.
  • Customized Workout Programs.
  • Body Composition/Measurement Tracking.
  • Private Shower/Changing Area.
  • Free Wifi.
  • Private Kitchen Area.
  • Keyless Entry System.
  • Learn Boxing/TRX/Weight Training and more!


$165- Semi-Private Training Program Includes:

-Private Gym Membership that never closes.

-Get a customized program on our CF Fitness and Travel application

-Unlimited meal plans.

-Supervised training by a team of Top Pro Rated Trainers Thomas Chelly and Jennifer Koch.

Thumbtack Top Pro Rated Personal Trainer Jennifer Koch

Thumtback Top Pro Rated Personal Trainer Thomas Chelly

Personal Training- $40 Per Session

Couple Training- $60 Per Session

Training Packages:

8 ($320)

11​+1 free ($440)

14+2 free ($560)

17+3 free ($680)

20+4 free ($800)

40+10 free ($1600)