Where amazing health is more than just working out!

Are you an Independent Personal Trainer looking for a place to get your own business started? Team up with us at Clients First Fitness and Travel, and together we can help each other be the best trainers we can be while still keeping our independence financially, we even give our trainers a free vacation every six months!

Clients First Fitness and Travel

Independent Trainer Program includes:

  • Use of private 2-room 3000 square foot 24 hour access gym to train clients with a fully mirrored group training room.
  • Weight Training equipment.
  • Mobile Scheduling Program for clients.
  • Mobile Training Program for clients.
  • Unlimited Meal Plans for clients.
  • All Inclusive vacation every 6 months.
  • Private Networking marketing program to help get clients.
  • No membership fees required for any client or group classes, making getting clients much easier. 
  • Quarterly Accounting and yearly by a certified CPA.

This is what I need from you:

  • A sit down interview.
  • $750 monthly (weekly payment plan available).
  • No bad attitudes accepted
  • Willingness to team up with other trainers on team to get help overall group get clients or group classes started.